Adult Martial Arts


Adults want a good workout that keeps them fit, while teaching them valuable self-defense skills in a friendly environment. Our karate programs provide all of that and more. 

All Levels

From 17 to 70 - all levels and ages - the Bressaw's Adult Martial Arts program helps all students get better in their own pace and way. The workouts are fast paced, but technically detailed to keep the student in good shape, but also able to handle themselves should a challenging situation arise.

Friendly Classes 

The friendly class atmosphere fosters camaraderie as well as continued improvement. It is common to see our students encourage and motivate each other. Many long-time friendships have been created on the mat.

Karate Benefits

Our tailored karate programs teach traditional Shukokai Karate and Self-Defense skills which lay a positive foundation for:

Physical Fitness
Mental Fitness
Respect for yourself & opponent
Self-Defense Skills

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Our students agree, they love training at Bressaw's Karate!

"When I found Bressaw's Middlesex Karate, I was instantly in love! As soon as my feet hit the mat, I go on a temporary vacation. I found what I was missing my whole life."
-Jana Siperstein-Szucs
Adult Karate Training Session Drills
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Easy Steps to Transform

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Life Can Be Stressful


Bressaw Karate's philosophy is that your mind is your greatest asset and that with a strong mind, you can achieve anything you set it to. That's why we incorporate mental training throughout all our karate classes. You'll learn to fortify your mind and gain greater self-confidence.

We teach Shukokai Karate which is a traditional Japanese style. Our programs focus on correcting weaknesses and improving strengths. With regular attendance, you will gain an outlet, release tension and reduce anxiety. 

Try our classes to experience an exciting calorie-burning workout. 

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Benefits of Martial Arts

Why Choose Bressaw's Middlesex Karate
Bressaw's Middlesex Karate Adult classes provide numerous health benefits while teaching the ancient art of Karate. Our Shukokai Karate programs provide a life-long foundation for your self-growth journey.

Our students learn to set aspirational goals to achieve success in all facets of their personal, academic and professional lives.  They agree their experience with us provides mental and physical benefits which improves all aspects of life.
Grow Confidence
Fun and Safe Classes
Experienced & Professional Instructors
International Community of friendly students
Learn Self-Defense
Boost Physical and Mental Health
Relieve Stress & Anxiety
Build Self-Esteem
Class Schedules

At Bressaw's Karate we believe your journey to success starts with a commitment to yourself

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