13 to 16 Year Old Martial Arts

Developing Self-Confidence

Is your Teen ready for a challenge?

Kids between 13 and 16 years old are capable of great accomplishments. They are not yet adults, but no longer children. They need the right tools and encouragement to reach their potential. At Bressaw's Middlesex Karate we help your teen develop and apply self-defense skills in line with their overall development.

13 to 16 year old martial arts encourages self-discipline

Our TEENS program provides a social environment where they can engage with other teens, while figuring out how to gain confidence. They learn how to make karate work for real and imagined situations.

Develop Self-Confidence

Teen students gain confidence through the perfection of moves and by knowing that they can handle themselves. This leads them to become self-disciplined young adults confident in their abilities. They do not need to provoke controversy because they are secure within themselves.

Our tailored karate programs teach the necessary behavior to lay a positive foundation for the following development:

Self-Defense Techniques
Attention to Detail
Decision Making Skills
Self-Belief & Confidence
Many of our TEENS continue with us in the Adult Martial Arts program to develop into self-confident adults and black belts.

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Just ask one of our dads
"Bressaw's Karate has taught my children to work hard, work with the other kids and grow as leaders. 

I have seen friendships develop, seen them struggle through technique and grow through it all while still having fun.

Some days I see them struggling to go to the dojo after a long day of school and homework but once in the dojo they always have fun. All of this has reflected well in their grades and their character.

I am really glad I found this karate school."
- Anil
Teen students stretching for kicking in 13 to 16 year old martial arts class
Teen students practicing blocking drills

Does Your Teen Struggle in These Areas?

Sad teenage girl comforted by mother's hand on her shoulder
They look to take an easy way out instead of accepting challenges
They don't think things through and make poor choices
They have difficulty prioritizing important obligations

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Parenting Can be Harder Than You Might Expect  


Parenting kids during their teen years can be difficult. They are not yet adults, but no longer younger. Teens have a lot of potential but they also have many challenges. They can get stuck in lazy mode, dependent on electronics, focused on impressing their friends or swayed by influencers.

It can be frustrating for parents to see their kids waste their abilities. Parents can become anxious at guiding their teen in a positive direction.

Experienced Instructors

Bressaw Karate's TEENS program provides students with appropriate challenges for your child to succeed. Our experienced instructors provide each student with traditional karate technique, kata and self-defense development training.

Our 13-16 students learn how to accept responsibility, set goals and strive to excel. The program is designed so that your child continues to build on the foundations from the JUNIORS program.
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Benefits of Martial Arts

Bressaws Middlesex Karate's 13 to 16 year old martial arts TEENS program teaches students how to achieve their physical, intellectual, social and emotional potential. Our students learn martial arts skills, while also learning the importance of doing things well and setting aspirational goals.

With consistent attendance,  the skills students learn from their martial arts classes translates into success at home, school and life.
Learn Self-Defense Techniques
Develop accountability for behavior and actions
Develop skills to make smart decisions
Build Focus and improve memorization skills
Conquer Fears
Develop Responsibility
Learn to set goals
Learn to Persist. Keep on trying
Develop humility for positive development
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