8 to 12 Year Old Martial Arts

Developing Focus & Discipline

Does your 8 thru 12 year old need a challenge?

The 8 to 12 year old age group have gained fine motor control and are ready to learn and progress at a quicker pace. At Bressaw's Middlesex Karate we help our students develop and apply self-defense skills in line with their overall development.

8 to 12 year old martial arts develops confidence

Our JUNIORS program teaches dozens of self-defense moves and applications while they strive to perfect a few. It is normal for some kids at this age to find an easy way out of challenges. At Bressaw's Karate, our experienced instructors provide the right tools and encouragement to help them reach their full potential.

Students build physical agility, control and resilience to gain the kind of confidence that will lend itself to their schoolwork and life.

Our tailored karate programs teach the necessary behavior to lay a positive foundation for the following development:

Self-Defense Techniques
Many of our JUNIORS continue with us in the TEENS Program to develop into self-confident teenagers and black belts. 

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Just ask one of our moms, a middle school teacher herself
"The best money that our family has invested in the development of our child.

As a middle school teacher I am very picky about extra curricular activities! Bressaw's Middlesex Karate provides the positive reinforcement we were looking for.

We are so grateful!
-Ann Marie Finnuken
8-12 year old students practicing blocking drills

Does Your Child Need Help in These Areas?

8-12 year old upset being consoled by mother
They have a hard time coping with setbacks or not have good sportmanship.
8-12 year old upset with sibling
They have difficulty accepting responsibility for their own actions.
8-12 year old girl distracted on her mobile phone
They struggle with staying focused on multiple tasks which is challenging in this electronic world.

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Parenting Can be Harder Than You Might Expect  


You are starting to see your child mature, but that doesn't mean your job as a parent is any easier. They have gained some degree of emotional control, but still have a hard time reacting to disappointments, or do not accept responsibility for their actions.

Experienced Karate Instructors

Bressaw Karate's JUNIORS program gives kids the tools they need to succeed. Our experienced instructors provide challenges with high interest activities to encourage engagement.

Our junior students learn how to accept responsibility, manage negative emotions and focus on multiple tasks. The program is designed so that your child continues to build on the foundations from the PEE-WEE program.

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Pensive Frustrated Mother

Benefits of Martial Arts

Bressaws Middlesex Karate's 8 to 12 year old martial arts JUNIORS program teaches students how to accept responsibility, manage negative emotions, pay attention and focus on multiple tasks. Our program teaches agility, courage and persistence.

With consistent attendance,  the skills students learn from their martial arts classes translates into success at home, school and life.
Learn how to respectfully interact with others
Learn to be accountable for words, acitons and attittudes
Learn to consider the consequences. Think before acting.
Learn how to focus on multiple tasks
Learn Self-Defense Techniques
Conquer Fears
Develop Self-Discipline
Learn to set goals
Learn to Persist. Keep on trying
Develop humility for positive development
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