5 to 7 Year Old Martial Arts

Developing Confidence & Discipline

Does your 5, 6 or 7 year old need to learn self-discipline and control? 

The five through seven year old age group hasn't fully developed body control, discipline and focus.  Bressaw's Middlesex Karate's instructors guide their students to achieve confidence, and discipline. They learn the coordination of karate techniques while learning social skills like respect, taking turns and cooperating.

5 to 7 Year old martial arts encourages mind, body and character growth

Our PEE-WEE program teaches the 5 to 7 year old students to gain fine motor control while beginning to learn complex ideas like kata. Our students gain confidence that they can stop an attacker and get out of various holds.

Bressaw Karate's experienced instructors teach kids to control their bodies and their behavior in a fun and safe environment. With each class, your child grows in mind, body and character.

Our tailored karate programs teach the necessary behavior to lay a positive foundation for the following development:

Self-Defense Techniques
Many of our PeeWees continue with us in the JUNIORS Program to develop into self-confident teenagers and black belts. 

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Just ask one of our dads
"Bressaw's Karate has taught my children to work hard, work with the other kids and grow as leaders.

I have seen friendships develop, seen them struggle through technique and grow through it all while still having fun.

Some days I see them struggling to go to the dojo after a long day of school and homework but once in the dojo they always have fun. All of this has reflected well in their grades and their character.

I am really glad I found this karate school."
Young karate student training kata

Does Your 5-7 Year Old Struggle With These Things?

5-7 Year Old restless child annoying his mother
They are restless and have hard time focusing
5-7 Year Old girl upset and losing control
They easily get upset and lose control.
5-7 Year Old lacking discipline to focus on homework
They lack discipline to follow through on tasks.

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Parenting Can Feel Out of Control


It's not uncommon for parents to feel overwhelmed during this stage of development. Kids that are 5 to 7 years old need to learn to control their behavior, their bodies and their emotions.

Bressaw Karate's PEE-WEE program gives kids the tools they need to succeed. Our experienced instructors provide a safe, fun environment with high interest activities and games to encourage engagement.

Students learn the importance of discipline and control while building the basic martial arts skills they learned in the beginner PRE-WEE program

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Pensive Frustrated Mother

Benefits of Martial Arts

Bressaws Middlesex Karate's 5 to 7 Year Old Martial Arts PeeWee program teaches students to control their bodies and behavior in a fun and safe environment. They learn to focus their energy while learning martial arts techniques to develop respect, discipline and character.

With consistent attendance, you will see your child begin to control their body, mind and emotions, follow directions and focus more.
Learn Self-Defense Techniques
Learn the value of teamwork and cooperation
Learn how to concentrate on instructions
Learn to focus
Develop Self-Discipline
Learn how to respectfully interact with others
Develop coordination
Build core strength and balance
Learn to control body, mind and emotions
Improve memory
Develop humility for positive development
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