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Thoughts from World Champions...

Age: 40
Years in Karate: 25

I remember participating in my first world karate tournament as a 19 year old brown belt.  21 years later the memories are still imprinted in my mind—traveling to a foreign land (Finland) for the first time, meeting people from around the world who all spoke a common language, regardless of their national origin—Shukokai Karate.  The countless hours preparing for and competing in this tournament, the group bonding and team, the camaraderie with my school training partners, the American team, and after the tournament the international group.  The bonds of friendship with people near and far, that live on today for me more than 20 years later.  But most importantly, seeing the top people compete at a high level, seeing Mr. Kimura give an international training session and saying to myself—I want to do it like that, to be like that one day.  I have participated in 10 more world tournaments and 10 more World Chief Instructors courses since, as well as many national and international training sessions and tournaments.  This first tournament, though has lit a torch that though burning slightly less intensely as the demands of family and work have refocused some of my time and energy, nonetheless still burns deeply in my soul.  These experiences have inspired me to improve my self as well as to help others gain the benefits of karate both in the school and on the national and international stage.