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What Our Women Have to Say...

Jana Siperstein
Age: 28
Years in Karate: 5

There are some days I am under total attack! My head weighs about 1,000 pounds and I just want to run away. As I walk through the doors of the dojo, my problems slowly disappear. We start to warm up and stretch and my head clears. My focus is on karate and I have no idea what’s outside those doors.

Besides a daily vacation, what has Kimura Shukokai Karate given me? Well, where do I start? I am now in the best shape of my life! I have more physical and mental strength then I ever thought possible. I have a better work ethic than ever, and I feel extremely confident. What about my KSI friends… or should I say extended family who I love dearly! Not everyone gets to have a challenging workout with their friends and then have dinner and laugh with them that same night. If that’s not wonderful enough, I have the absolute HONOR and privilege of being taught by Sensei Bill! Just watching Sensei teach is amazing enough!

Age:  18
Years in Karate: 5

When I began at Bressaw’s Karate five years ago I never imagined how profoundly a part of my life it would become. Not only has Sensei Bressaw’s program helped me stay focused as an Honors student, nor has it simply improved my athleticism in other high school sports, but it also gave me the incredible opportunity to compete in an eye-opening and life-changing World Tournament just 2 years ago. I remember KSI’s Zurich, Switzerland World Tournament like it was yesterday – an incredible energy racing through the arena as more than 20 teams from around the globe chanted and cheered. My six months of intense training paid off not only in the tournament, but it also developed a deep passion and determination in me that I now carry throughout my life in general.  What's more is the international friendships I've developed! My experiences with Sensei Bressaw opened a door to a new and meaningful part of life. I am more confident, in great shape, focused, and have lifetime friends from around the globe! Sure, Sensei Bressaw offers an insightful martial arts program that cultivates tried and true techniques, taught by actual world-class instructors, but most uniquely, at this school, you don’t just become part of a team, you become part of a family. Even though I’m beginning my first year at Northwestern, I’m eager to continue my training and keep in shape for KSI’s Portugal World Tournament this coming May.

Age: 16
Years in Karate: 2

I first started Karate two years ago when I wanted to try something new and exciting; something that would help me become stronger. When I first joined, I found that I had a long way to go before I could become like the brown belts and black belts. Nevertheless, everyone was very kind, welcoming, and encouraging. They helped me strive to become better, to learn the techniques and become a stronger and fiercer person. Although the first few months were hard, as time progressed I found that I was slowly improving and becoming a better student. Karate has helped me in a few ways: it has helped me become more courageous and confident. I find myself upset when I miss one too many classes, and excited to attend class. Karate is something that I love, and it helps me keep in shape and teaches valuable lessons everyday!