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About Sensei Bill Bressaw

Sensei Bressaw is the Chief Instructor of the American Shukokai Karate Union, and one of the 4 chief instructors of Kimura Shukokai International. He is ranked 8th Dan in Shukokai and has been teaching karate for over 43 years (since 1966).

Sensei Bill attained the rank of 3rd Dan in an Okinawan style of Karate by the time he met and started training with Sensei Kimura in January of 1971. By August of 1971 he was officially recognized as a 3rd Dan in Shukokai Karate by Sensei Kimura.

He has been teaching steadily in his Fords, NJ Dojo for more than 25 years, in another dojo in Edison NJ on Tingley Lane. He has participated in and won tournaments in the United States, Europe, and Japan.