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Have you ever watched The Karate Kid and the special relationship between Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-San? 
Have you thought "I'd like to have this kind of relationship with my instructor"?
At Bressaw's Karate we strive to provide it.  And here's how.

Our Personalized Approach

All students are taught how to learn using our scientific approach. Our highly developed method of bringing even the youngest of children into a deep understanding of their body movement, their thought process and their subsequent application, gives students an advantage in both seeing and understanding the fine details that others don't.   We keep a small student to teacher ratio so that your child will get lots of individualized attention and bonding time with the class teacher and his assistants.

It means that because you are learning to better defend yourself and control your body, you will improve your confidence in and control over everything that you do.  Following this path is especially beneficial to your child as students learn both new moves and how to make them more effective and how to take care of himself and feel good about it.

Once students are attuned to the intricacies of the physical and mental side of our martial art, they become a master in their own rite, experiencing martial arts more fully and profoundly.  They will begin to look at technique just as Michaelangelo would have looked at a painting, with a depth and comprehension only a master’s eye can pick up on.

Bressaw's proven methods will allow you and your child to develop greater confidence through your martial arts journey.
Don't just take our word for it!  Just listen to what our parents, men, women, and world champions have to say!

Sensei Bressaw: a"Teacher of Teachers"

Sensei Bressaw's experience as a martial artist is invaluable as an instructor. He trained closely with Shigeru Kimura, a recognized Master of the martial arts, on whose scientific approach to Shukokai technique our style is based. During his 25 years of training, he has won many national and international tournaments, and has taught thousands of students, one at a time.

Before mixed martialarts was even invented, Sensei Bressaw was teaching student to be well rounded by incorporating a variety of judo, jujitsu, grappling, and boxing moves into the martial arts training.  This will help you immensely as he (and the assistant instructors he has trained) know how to teach you to use your body to defend yourself and become more focused and confident.

Classes don't just teach "the moves," but rather how the best technique is achieved through a profound understanding of body mechanics.  In this manner, Sensei Bressaw teaches one to connect the mind with the body through physical and philosophical training.

The international network at our fingertips

All of our students have the distinct possibility to participate in yearly international events, such as our World Chief Instructors Course held every year in New Jersey, or our biannual World Tournaments.  
At these events, students train with other passionate KSI martial artists, and inevitably form friendships from people around the world.  
Our more adventurous students accompany Sensei Bressaw when he travels to give training sessions, an opportunity that allows personalized training with some of the best martial artists in the world. 
For many of you this may not mean much right now.  But we have students who have grown up with us from 5 years old, and the growth does not have to stop at 11 or 12. At that point, they can begin competing in the World Tournament and participating more actively in our International Training Sessions. There they can see the best from around the world and what they can aspire to...

We teach all aspects of martial arts

Shukokai Karate focuses on body mechanics and forming a strong connection between mind and body.  Although our style is impact-driven, we find it important to teach all aspects of the martial arts.  This allows students a firm grasp on the Shukokai technique we teach. 
So from grappling to throwing to striking to defense against weapons, and to even martial arts philosophy, Bressaw's Karate emphasizes a well-rounded approach to a deep understanding of martial arts.   

We're not just about kicking and punching...

in fact, at Bressaw's Karate, we like to think of ourselves as a family: we don't just sweat together - we have daily events that bring students closer together, such as our traditional sukiyaki parties(Japanese stew prepared in a special way), and frequent training sessions.  Through our training, we find ourselves able to connect to each other in a meaningful way, forming bonds that hold strong even outside the dojo.