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Thoughts from Our Kids and their Parents...

I have enjoyed and loved this Karate center a lot.
I have been very connected to the teachers and us students.
We moved to Warren, and my mom asked if we should switch to another Martial Arts center, but I persisted and insisted that we go to the Edison Bressaws Karate.

Thank you very much,

Taro & Khota
Ages: 13 & 9
Years in Karate:

Our family moved to here U.S.A. five years ago from Japan, where Karate originally developed. In Japan, Karate is recognized as a martial art that people can learn not only self-defense but also “spirit” of acting in any situation with self-discipline and respect. My wife and I want our two sons to learn Karate to obtain this spirit when they grow up. After moving here, we were looking for a good dojo for them for a while, and finally and fortunately we found this dojo. We are able to feel Sensei is trying to teach students about this spirit, importance of self-practice and the continuity. He also teaches his students all movements have the meaning, especially when he teaches Kata. Now older son has blue belt and younger son has green belt. They have been feeling the accomplishment when their belt is upgraded. They have learned the importance of continuity. I also feel some good influence of self-confidence in the relationship with their friends. We are very lucky to find this dojo and I hope our two sons keep a good lifestyle out of Karate.
                                                      - Tsutomu Iseda, father

Rakan, Shireen, Dyala, and Nisreen
Ages: 7, 11, 13, and 37
Years in Karate: 1

For several years I have aspired to take karate with my children.  I really wanted a place with a friendly attitude, sense of discipline, and a supreme level of quality and dedication, all of which I have certainly found at the Middlesex Karate School.  My children and I have now been in training for one year, and it is amazing how much we have all learned, and how much more we have yet to learn.  I thank you Sensei and your top-notch staff for helping me keep my children focused on the path towards leadership, honesty, pride, and ambition.
                                                       - Nisreen Qasim, mother

Age: 7
Years in Karate: 5

Our son, Ethan, has been with Middlesex Karate for almost five years and it has been one of the most important experiences in his life.  The Sensei's (teacher's) instructional style is informative, disciplined, challenging, and fun!  Ethan respects and looks up to all of the Senseis, who have also become like a second family!  We are very proud of how much  he's grown and all that he's accomplished thus far.  Karate has added another element to his strength (both physical and mental), his confidence and his knowledge that he's only as limited as he makes himself.  We feel fortunate to have found such a high quality program and we're eager to see how Ethan continues to grow!
                                                       - Ray and Irene Vargas, father and mother

Ryan Meyer
Age: 9
Years in Karate: 2

We are very happy with the job that you [Sensei Dave] are doing and for the impact that you have in building Ryan's character.

In the time that our son has been involved in this program we have seen remarkable growth in both our son's self confidence and character. This well supervised hands-on program teaches both discipline as well as personal responsibility. There is clearly defined structure and participants learn to set and reach goals. Our son has made many friends and enjoys the camaraderie and training he receives in the Dojo.
                                                         - Mark & Grace Mayer

Jose Vasquez
Age: 10
Years in Karate: 3

Why I like karate at Bressaw Middlesex Karate School:
- A few things I like about going to karate is that I can defend myself when I need to.
- I like learning how to kick and block punches.
- I like the different ways to practice kicking and punching.

I enjoy seeing my son learn how to build his self confidence. The instructors are very patient and knowledgeable in teaching numerous techniques at each student’s level. They are consistently enforcing these techniques until each student masters the correct form and style. They teach team building and individual strengths that are unique to each student. My son has been attending Bressaw's Karate school for 3 years and is still very much interested.
                                                          - Madeline Vasquez

Ethan and Evan Samaroo
Age: 8.5
Years in Karate: 4.5

Our 8.5yr old twin boys, Ethan and Evan Samaroo have been engaged in Bressaw Karate since they were 4yrs old. They were typically very shy and naturally less aggressive. Our goal for them was self defense, self control and discipline. It took some time for them to understand what they were taught, and we noticed a change in their self control, discipline and faster reflexes. We attributed this to the karate training from Bressaw’s. Our satisfaction with the training which they had received after 2.5yrs lead to the decision to add our 5yr old daughter to the Bressaw program. Our three kids have tremendously benefitted from the Bressaw school.

In addition to karate, there are other things which attract us to Bressaw’s such as the family oriented and friendly atmosphere, the necessary individual attention which each sensei gives to our kids if they fall behind, the active play nights for the kids, and more importantly the care which Bressaw shows to all the kids in the school.

I would, and have, recommend anyone to this school.
                                                         - Regards, Greg and Monica Samaroo

Anthony Polise
Age: 7
Years in Karate: 1

My son has been coming to karate for 9 months now and I have seen an increase in his self confidence, physical stamina and overall attitude He looks forward to coming to class each week and enjoys practicing at home on his own.
                                                           - Ms. Polise (mother of Anthony)

Ben Weiss
Age: 10
Years in Karate: 2.5

Karate is a fun activity for the whole family. My dad and i go to karate. My dad is a green belt and I'm a blue belt and my name is ben. We have both gone to karate for about two years. Karate is a good exercise and is good to know for absolute emergencies. At karate you can make new friends, exercise, and have fun. I've enjoyed it for two years. I think you should start karate too.

Katherine G
Age: 12
Years in Karate: 7

Karate has made a huge difference in my life. It has taught me self confidence, discipline, and inner strength. I have made many long term friendships and enjoy the physical conditioning I get.